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[] [Discontinued Items] RX Series Dynamixels and Parts 2017.05.01 08:08
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[Discontinued Items] RX Series Dynamixels and Parts


Product Name#Product Name
1DYNAMIXEL RX-24F HN07-N101 Type12FR05-H1 Set
2DYNAMIXEL RX-24F HN07-N1 Type13HN05-T1 Set
3DYNAMIXEL RX-28 HN07-N101 Type14FR07-S1 Set
4DYNAMIXEL RX-28 HN07-N1 Type15FR07-B1 Set
5DYNAMIXEL RX-64 HN07-N101 Type16FR07-B1K Set
6DYNAMIXEL RX-64 HN07-N1 Type17FR07-H1 Set
7DYNAMIXEL RX-24F 6pcs Bulk18HN07-T1 Set
8DYNAMIXEL RX-28 6pcs Bulk19RX-24F/RX-28 Gear/Bearing Set
9DYNAMIXEL RX-64 6pcs Bulk20RX-64 Gear/Bearing Set
10FR05-S2 Set21ZIG2Serial
11FR05-B1 Set 22DREAM Free 100pcs Pack
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