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[] Problems at your local customs Written By : ROBOTIS (2015.06.11 14:52)
The following is a statement written in our Conditions of Use.

> Please note that destination charges (import tax, customs duty, etc.) are not included in the shipping charges.
    * We will not be able to calculate fees other than the shipping charge itself.
    * If there is a problem at your local customs and the customer decides to return the product to us,
       and if the problem is not related to us (i.e. it is due to the destination country's policy, etc.),
       the customer must pay for the round trip expense in order to get the refund for the return.
    * Some countries may have a different logistics company handle the inland delivery.
       ex. we’ll ship by DHL, but once it arrives in a certain country, a local courier may take over.

If your shipment gets stuck in your country's customs,
CUSTOMER (NOT ROBOTIS) is responsible for any issues that may occur at the customs.

 - Any extra cost the customs may ask for must be paid by the CUSTOMER.
 - If CUSTOMER decides not to pay for the cost, and/or wishes to return the shipment back to us,
   1) CUSTOMER is required to pay ROBOTIS the round trip fee.
   2) CUSTOMER will only get the refund for the net product amount.
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